Berkshire Downs Beaver Page
The beaver can adapt to aquatic human environments easily and usually by
choice. In aquatic human environments beavers can adapt easily due to the
abundance of food, shelter and the lack of predators. Urban landscapes
provide the ideal bark from trees, such as poplar, birch, cherry, pear, willow,
maple, and pine trees that beaver will favor. Once a beaver has found a
prevalent food source it will look for a den site that is relatively close to that
food source. Their home or burrow can be found in a high bank of the stream,
pond, or lake. These burrows will have an abundance of mud, grass, and twigs
that cover the sub-surface entrance. Lodges are built in areas that a burrow in
a high bank is not available As you can see in these photos Beavers are very
intelligent creatures using what ever means are available to construct the most
innovated dams available to mandkind.
The beaver is the largest North American rodent.
Body Size:
  * Ave. Length (Adult): 34"-54" Tail: 9"- 17"
  * Ave. Weight (Adult): 15 - 70 lbs.
  * Young at Birth: 15" including tail, 1 lb., eyes open, completely furred, teeth present.
  * Young at 1 Month: Able to swim.
  * Young at 6-7 weeks: Weaned and weigh about 4.
  * Young at 2 years: Leave voluntarily.
Voice &aamp; Sounds:
When surprised they slap their tail on the water.
Then they tell you to get lost or get the heck out here.
The modern Beavers are teaching their
methods to other beavers. They are
determined to become indestructable
and take over the world. But we can
stop them from this quest.
Some beavers are not as smart as the others
and this is a good thing. We have to act fast
because they do communicate with each other.
Time of Year: (Once) January - February
Gestation: 90 - 120 Days (Uncertain)
Young Born: March - May
Number of Young Born: 3 - 4
Average Reproductive Age: 3
Weaning: 6-7 Weeks
Alvin and Leroy say "the creek will be
ours" "Oh yes it will be so!"
Barney forgot which way the tree would
fall. Other Beavers are learning  from
his mistake.
Alvin shows other Beavers how to build better dams
using sofisticated computer sofftware programs.
Primarily nocturnal in human
Average Life Span:
6 - 7 years in the wild and up to 21
years in captivity.
Franky Davis says: "I'll build my damn dam
where ever I want!"
Mat Trickel says. "As long as they are a building these
here dams. I'm going to rip them all down. Freaking
Beavers ain't going to stop me!"
Eventhough Beavers are cleaver little creatures we
here in Berkshire Downs have the technology to
stop them. We can make a difference because we
do care about the community we live in and that
makes all the difference in the world.

So let us see if you are ready. We are going to take
a little test.

See if you can spot the beaver in the picture below.
If you picked the little boy on the bottom left.
You are ready.

You know what to do next.

Have a great day!