Berkshire Downs A Great Place to Live!
There are many places in Raleigh and the surrounding areas to live, but few if any have the unique charm of small town living in the city.
Most subdivisions have houses so close together that you can hear your neighbor sneeze. The tranquil ambience of country living, large
lots, trees and 2 sections of Perry Creek pass through and around this neighborhood. You can see deer almost daily and the adjacent
natural water garden on the North West side of the subdivision provides a variety of beautiful species of rare birds and other wildlife. It
still amazes me when I see huge Cranes and Hawks flying over. In the evenings neighbors will walk the entire circle and converse with
each other as the sun sets in the background. Unlike some of the surrounding subdivisions the crime rate in this community is practically
non- existent. Partially because neighbors look out for one another and the community is involved with several self improvement projects
that are beginning to take shape. You may be able to find newer homes closer together along shorter streets for a higher price, but you
won't find the peace and natural surroundings of Berkshire Downs Drive.   Mat
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"One of the things I would add for the history page is how
the Tomlinson's up until a few years ago would go all out in
decorating their yard at Christmas time.  As soon as the
weather started turning cooler, the grand kids would keep
asking when the Christmas decorations were going to go up
down the street. I have to say I also looked forward to the
first night they were lit up. "

"The Tomlinson's are still giving to the community. They
hosted a wonderful BBQ dinner for the neighborhood at
their expense and also participate in the committee
improvement meetings. They are folks you would love to
have as your next door neighbor."   Barb
"The Patterson's are great neighbors.  When my husband lost his
job, they sacrificially gave us money and thus helped us save our
home. What more could you ask from your neighbor !  I could
ask them for anything and they would be willing to help any time
of the day or night  !!!!"    Barb