The History of Berkshire Downs
The History of Berkshire Downs began in the Early 1980's and Anderson Homes were the developers. All Anderson Homes are on
concrete slabs and Wayne Gibson's Homes were on foundations. In those days there was very little development and the Louisburg Road
and US 1 were both 2 lanes only and no hint of Highway 540. This was a closed community there was no cut through like there is now
on Jacqueline. Through the years several more homes were built and now there are approximately  109 homes that populate this small
subdivision. In the beginning most of the lots were all wooded  however over the years the tree still abundant have thinned out a bit.

That's about all I have right now I have only lived here 2 years and this is what I have heard. If anyone would like to contribute their
recollections I would be most grateful!!
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