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**Updated March 30, 2009**
Information Specific to Resident Septic Systems
Revised Map of Current Septic Issues (PDF)
Resident Septic System data (XLS)
Septic System Information
The following information was accumulated from several websites. This information can
be used to better understand the septic system problems and possible solutions to advert
or postpone the annexation that the city seems to believe is necessary.

Glossary of Terms
Failed Systems Definitions
Septic System Terminology
US Environmental Protection Agency / Septic Systems
Septic System Owner's Guide NCSU
Certified NC State Septic Inspectors and Installers

Options that may help your system run better
You Tube Videos on Septic Systems
The following informational videos are to help us understand how the system functions,
maintenance and how to inspect your own system. Please take a few moments and watch.
Most of them are only a few minutes.

Watch Why Septic Systems Fail and How To Fix Them

Septic System Anatomy

Septic System Replace, better of two copies!

Septic Tank Treatment

Septic System Replace

Dig-It Excavating explains a septic system replacement

How to inspect a septic system